The Comms Team prepared and implemented a detailed engagement plan to support the Water Security Program, Seqwater’s long-term plan to ensure a safe and secure water supply for South East Queensland into the future.

Phase 1 involved a quantitative, live polling survey of up to 400 participants across five Local Government Areas (LGAs), to review the relative importance placed on four key evaluation criteria for future water projects by the community.

Phase 2 was based on a series of deliberative workshops in five LGAs to explore community values and priorities in relation to future drought planning and tolerance.

When the engagement program was disrupted by restrictions on public events due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the team recognised an opportunity to engage with communities in new and innovative ways by taking both Phases 1 and 2 online. The team adapted the planned deliberative workshop materials and format for online.

Using a widely accessible and cost-effective video conferencing platform, embedded PowerPoint presentations and live online polling the team delivered a series of ten guided workshops of up to 14 people over a two week period.

The sessions yielded extensive insightful and nuanced qualitative data to support long term future drought planning. The quick transition to an online format ensured that the engagement was delivered on time and within budget and with an exceptional 96% satisfaction rating from participants.