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South Bank Corporation
Future South Bank
Master Plan

South Bank Corporation is developing a master plan for the next 30 years to ensure it remains one of Brisbane’s favourite destinations. The Comms Team delivered a community consultation and stakeholder engagement program to seek input to inform the development of the master plan.

The Project

A key strategy for the engagement was to provide fun, visual and interactive engagement activities combined with traditional and digital tools to generate interest and encourage participation from diverse audiences.

The campaign included a social media and promotional strategy and content, online materials including web content and event management tools and direct marketing tools. Our in-house creative team designed a range of consultation materials and digital assets including posters, banners, stickers, advertisements and social media posts.

All activities provided valuable qualitative and quantitative data which was analysed to determine community priorities and values. These insights will be considered by the planning team in the development of the master plan.

Through the six-week engagement program, we reached 20,000 people, engaging directly with more than 2000 and receiving 10,000 pieces of feedback. More than 35% of feedback was received from people aged under 25, which was identified as a target audience, and one which is traditionally challenging to capture.

Future South Bank community consultation event

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